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Creative project for all ages: The Flock

TheFlockNZ  is a great classroom or community art project to decorate birds made from corflute or plywood. You can display your Flock in the classroom, school grounds or for community groups, anywhere in your community, to raise awareness that our migratory braided river birds have returned to the rivers and started nesting.

This website has several hundred pages of information about braided rivers, the unique plants and animals that inhabit them, threats to them, and what’s being done to protect them. Most pages have a ‘resources and reference’ section suitable for students from senior high school to university levels.

Pre-school to senior high school: much of the content has also been distilled into activities and learning material for children from pre-school to Year 13, in a single interactive hot-linked document (download a high or lower resolution version from the menu at left). The contents include a Resource Framework, Key Competencies and Values, Key Concepts, how the content links to different subjects and levels, Resources, and a Glossary.

Quick creative project: Wrybill mask

Make a wrybill mask! Click on the image to download a template PDF with information about the only bird in the world with a bill that\’s bent sideways! Click here for more information about wrybills.