Environment Canterbury (ECan)

In New Zealand, regional councils govern an area made up of several district councils. The regional council that governs Canterbury is Environment Canterbury, known as ECan.

While there is a complex and still unfolding history about what exactly is a braided river, who owns sections of them and who is responsible for managing different aspects of braided rivers, ECan has a legal responsibility to manage and protect them under the Resource Management Act (RMA).

ECan works collaboratively with the Department of Conservation (DOC), Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and community-based conservation groups to improve braided rivers and their ecosystems. To this end, they also fund biodiversity projects and conservation groups. BRaid is partially funded through ECan Biodiversity funds.

ECan also manages two regional parks on and around rivers: the Ashley Rakahuri Regional Park and the Waimakariri River Regional Park.

See the Canterbury Water Management Strategy Targets & Goals (2020) also: snapshot of ECan’s Biodiversity Programmes for 2018/2019