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\"\"Winners Week 1

Tara birds entries
Tara birds entries


The Jewelled Gecko

by Puhitai Raroa-Devery

Once upon a time there was a jewelled gecko named Moko Kākāriki. He was very adventurous, and he also had a friend named Aroha. So, one day they went down to the river and looked around to find something to do. They found a little hole. It was dark with twigs and leaves that had layers of grass. Aroha told him not to go in. His mind was telling him not to go in, but he can’t handle his adventurous side, so he went in and left Aroha behind.

He walked for quite a while and he was excited where the pathway was leading him to, and also sad because he had left Aroha behind. Then all of a sudden, a cage fell on him and he was trapped! He couldn\’t get out.

This man came out of the bushes and said, “Woohoo we got one.”

And then another man came out and said, “Yeah this will make us millions.\’\’

Moko yelled out to Aroha.

And when he saw Moko trapped in a cage, Ahora yelled out, “Don’t worry I’ll save you!”

Then the men put him at the back of the truck and drove away. The men’s names were Sam and Leo, and they were gecko catchers. They catch geckos and sell them for money. They wanted a rare species of geckos to sell for millions. Ahora ran back for help but none of the geckos wanted to help so he was going to save Moko alone.

“Haha little Gecko it\’s your lucky day,\’\’ said Sam.

“Yeah,” said Leo as they walked to an old abandoned warehouse.

They put Moko on a table. As they talked about how they were going to sell him, Moko found a hole that he could fit through, so he tried not to make a sound so he carefully put one foot out and then his body and then his head and slipped out the hole and run to the corner.

Ahora walked and walked to find the truck who took Moko, until finally he stopped by a truck. Then he looked up and it looked like the truck who took Moko…IT WAS. So, he ran into the abandoned warehouse where it was parked by. As he walked in he saw Leo and Sam. Then he spotted Moko. He ran to him, but Leo caught him and he put him in the cage. Then Moko ran up to the cage and Ahora said, “Are you okay?”

Moko said, “Yes, I am. Now hurry!” So Moko told Ahora how to escape.

Then Leo told Sam to check on them. By the time Sam got to the cage they were gone.

When Moko and Ahora got home, they were so happy to see each other and they lived happily ever after.

But with the gecko nappers – they got arrested by a police officer who had been searching for them for years.

The end….

Facts about geckos: