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New Zealand daphne

Status: Not Threatened


All braided rivers. Distribution map; when the page opens, just click on the green ‘search’ button without changing any of the settings.

The endemic New Zealand daphne (Pimelea prostrata supsp. prostrata), also know as pinatoro and Strathmore weed, is a low growing shrub found from mountain to coastal regions south of Auckland, in braided river beds and other open sites. It has sparsely hairy branches to 300mm long bearing pairs of blue-green narrow leaves that join the stem at a small ridge, hairy white flowers (September to May) and white fruit. Its leaves are just 3-6mm long by 1.5-4mm wide, and the tip is rounded.


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Conservation efforts

The New Zealand daphne is not under threat and conservation activities to protect other native species are likely to ensure it remains ‘not threatened’.